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What are Crypton Performance Fabrics?

# ![crypton eco-friendly fabric][1] Our eco-friendly Crypton® Home Fabrics are engineered in the US for durability. These sustainable fabrics resist stains, repel water, prevent odors, and inhibit the growth of bacteria without sacrificing aesthetics or breathability. Crypton® Home Fabrics are the only fabrics appro…

Where are Stair Barriers made?

# Made in America In 2014 our founder, Janelle Fitzpatrick, had a mission. She was determined to make her fabric stair gates available to parents of two and four-legged babies across the US and she was going to do that by producing her gates in the United States. She understood that building her business with America…

What is Repreve® Recycled Woven Fabric?

# Repreve® Recycled Woven Fabric When we set out to make the best stair gate on the market, we not only wanted to make sure we were able to manufacture our products in the United States, but we also wanted to make sure our products were sustainable. By working with a variety of manufacturers, we were able to find th…

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