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Where are Stair Barriers made?
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Made in America

In 2014 our founder, Janelle Fitzpatrick, had a mission. She was determined to make her fabric stair gates available to parents of two and four-legged babies across the US and she was going to do that by producing her gates in the United States. She understood that building her business with American manufacturers meant creating jobs, building long-term partnerships, turning business colleagues into friends, and being able to ensure that her company delivers high-quality products she believes in. 

One of the biggest disconnects in the manufacturing and textile industries is between the business and the actual workers who created the product. Janelle thought that if she knew the workers and was able to share her passion and vision, then she could ensure that her product was made with care and commitment to quality. 

made in the usa stair gates

Our product labels are produced in California; our rods in Vermont; our fabrics are milled in the Carolinas; our plastics in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, and our packaging in Georgia. Stair Barriers are hand-crafted in Georgia, which allows Janelle to work closely with the men and women creating our product. 

By purchasing our American-made Stair Barriers, you are supporting American businesses, several that have been providing products for a hundred or more years. We utilize a variety of different American businesses from all the corners of our country to create a high quality, durable, and unique product.

We take our work seriously, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, be sure to let us know by visiting our Contact page

If you are ready to support American businesses and manufacturers, purchase The Stair Barrier today, and know that you are making a difference in the lives of American workers. 


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