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Measuring for Wall to Banister
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Measuring for Wall to Banister:

Measure from the wall to the innermost edge of the banister (see arrow marked in Fig. 1). For staircases measuring 36-43 inches between the wall and banister, you need a Regular Stair Barrier. For stairs measuring greater than 43 inches, but no wider than 52 inches between the wall and banister, order a Wide Stair Barrier. If you have volute (curved) banisters where the spindles wrap around the banister, measure from spindle to wall, as seen in Fig. 2.


The Stair Barrier Diagram for Determining Correct Size


What if the width of your stairs are not exactly 42 inches or 52 inches?

If you have extra fabric you can always wrap around banisters and/or spindles. You may also have a gap of 1" or less between the fabric and the spindle.



With the many variations in stairs, there is not one process for installation that applies to all homes. With the Stair Barrier, you can use the banisters, spindles, multiple spindles and a combination of both to install the product. The key is to try multiple options and find the tightest fit that works for your stairs.



If you are not sure what size or installation process will work best in your home, please email a photo to us here: CONTACT US. We are happy to help.

The following will help you determine if you need a Regular or Wide Stair Barrier.

Size Chart


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